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Payment Programs:

Budget Program
Even with our low cash prices, the extra cold winter months can strain your family's heating budget. Wouldn't it be nice to know exactly how much money you were going to pay for oil every month? With Budget Plan, you pay a set amount every month, whether it was 30 degrees above or 30 degrees below zero. The payments are based on your estimated oil usage. Simply keep your budget payments current and you are guaranteed our low cash price. Ten-month Budget Plans begin in July. Call our office early in the summer to set up your Budget Plan.

Pre-Paid Fixed Price Plan
We keep our oil prices as low as possible by finding the best deals from our suppliers every day. This saves you, the customer, money. Some people prefer to lock in a price for the season. We can pre-buy gallons from our suppliers at a locked-in price for the year and pass the savings to you. You can purchase all or any part of your requirements at this fixed price. All fuel purchased under the fixed price program must be delivered by April 30th of the following year. Please call our office for further information.

Pay As You Go Purchase Program
Our driver leaves a metered ticket with gallons and total price. This ticket is your bill. You simply pay for your delivery ticket with every oil delivery within seven days to get our low cash price. With new customers, we request that your first three deliveries be C.O.D. (cash, personal check, or credit card).